Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vet Visit

We took some of our alpacas to the vet today. Sommerfield, Maddie, and Maxito needed a vet check for the shows that are coming up. We also had the vet do an ultrasound on Victoria and Kateri to confirm pregnancy (we did spit test - if you put a male and female together and the male starts making his move but the female spits him off, she's usually pregnant. Though that isn't almost consistently accurate so we also had an ultrasound done. Some feel the ultrasound isn't that accurate either, but I've heard it depends on your vet. So far our vet has been correct so we feel pretty confident in it. Plus, now we have two separate tests to verify the pregnancy).

We got our yearlings their vet check for the shows coming up this fall. On September 19-21 we are going to Burch Run, Michiganm, for the Michigan Alpaca show. Then October 3-5 we are going to Indianapolis for the Heartland Classic.

Our halter training is coming along. I was impressed how well they did when we haltered them to the trailer and into the vets' office. It gave me hope we won't have bucking, wild alpacas at the show. But I'm still holding my breath!

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