Sunday, January 18, 2009

my head is spinning

as I look at all the various spinning wheels.... and dreaming.

My ideal criteria is:

1) 1 Treadle (pedal). I think 2 would confuse me (I never did get how to use more than one pedal when playing the piano). I think 1 has a lot of benefits, such as being able to switch legs when one gets tired.

2) single drive. I think double drive would have a steeper learning curve and could frustrate me.

3) I would like some variation in the ratio ability so that I can make various size yarn, though I do think I will do more with the thick chunky yarn. For this, I need the lower ratios (4:1 rather than 30:1). Though options would be good because one never knows what the future holds.

4) it's portable. I want to take it to shows, and spinning guild and who knows where. Not that it has to be labeled "portable" or even "travel" but something that I could carry with me places. This includes considering the weight of it, and the shape. I call the one style the H shape (looks like an H). It's the typical one people usually think of, like is in the story of Sleeping Beauty. Well, that's not the one I really want. I'd rather have more of an i shape (called a castle style). So portable meaning not terribly heavy and castle shape.

"H shape" spinning wheel:

"i shape" also called the castle style:

5) price... there is alway price. Being one could spend $1k on it if given no limits, I need to limit it.

I'd love the Ashford Joy. It has all the features I want. But it is out of my price range. So :(


I have my short list reduced to 4:

Most other Ashfords I crossed off my list for one reason or another. I do still have the Ashford Kiwi on my short list, though I don't like the fact it has 2 treadles. If it weren't for that, this would be my top choice.


I have 2 Kromski brand models on my short list. The Kromski Prelude is on my list even if it is the H shape. As for portability, it is only 9 pounds so not terrible to transport. It has 1 treadle, various ratios, and otherwise meets my ideal. The Mazurka is also on the short list. I'm confused if it is a double drive, or if that is an option on it. If it is only double drive available then that is off the list. If it has the option of not being double drive, then it would push the Prelude off my list.



The other one on my list is the Louet S17. Initially I didn't like this one because it's not what one would think of as a traditional spinning wheel and I was worried what impression it would give at shows and such. It is also 20 pounds, so not ideal with portability. But, it's supose to be best for the thicker chunky yarns that I am aiming for. And J mentioned white washing the wheel and putting a silloutte of an alpaca and maybe a rabbit on the wheel. That would make a neat personalization.

Louet S17:

At this point I'm most leaning towards the Louet. It's only down side is the portability (20 pounds of it). But at shows we carry much more heavy stuff than that anyway. I'll just have to build up some muscles.


My8kidsmom said...

Did you decide on a wheel yet? I have a friend that has a Louet and she travels fine with it and loves it (I am not sure which one though). The best part is the bobbin hold so much! If I got another wheel I would go with Louet for that reason. I love my Ashfords (Elizabeth and Joy) but she has some great yardage on her skeins!

cara said...

Now I'm leaning towards the Mazurka. It doesn't have to be double drive, which was one thing that I was leary about. It was funny because I had it narrowed down to the ones listed here. Sometime yesterday it occurred to me that the Mazurka is the only 1 I don't have something against (like the Kiwi is 2 treadle and such). I didn't say this outloud but was thinking it. Then this morning my husband said he thinks I should get the Mazurka. How weird is that? He was trying out the drop spindle today - and he's better at it than me! that's not fair (but then he struggles more with knitting than I do). I'm betting he'll be on my spinning wheel too. (not that he'll admit it though)

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