Saturday, January 17, 2009

subzero temps

It has been bitter cold lately. I threatened the kids that the babies are coming in the house and sleeping in their beds. Of course that got the conversation going of which one would sleep in who's bed.

Instead, we put down more straw in the barn, a nice thick layer for them to snuggle into. I fed them more alfalfa hay (the hay gets their rumination going and warms them up some, the alfalfa has more protien than other grass hay). And, I did many of their grain feedings in the barn to keep them out of the wind. Their fiber coat is very warm, but the wind is difficult on them.

The first few nights we worried, and checked on them first thing in the morning. They all made it through the night, though had frost on their backs and in some cases it was hanging on their eye lashes and muzzles. I have some pictures (one of these days we will get pictures back here).

I am glad to see warmed temps in our forcast.

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