Friday, January 30, 2009

now I have angora

J picked up a rabbit today. Snickers is a satin & german mix. The main agnora types are: English is the most common, German (or giant), French, and Satin which is supose to be the best for spinning. J liked the satins the best because they don't have a furry face, and he thinks they look most like rabbits. He did the research on it, so I let him pick. I just want hair to spin. Snicker's color is agouti, which appears to mean a mix of brown/grey/blueish hue (is that a color?). I think it will mix well with white alpaca for a neat blue/grey tint to the white (give the white alpaca a blueish hue).

I'd post a picture of Snickers, but we still haven't fix our camera vs computer problem (our computer is too old to match with our camera software).

Emma is on cloud nine about the bunny. We told her since she's been responsible this can be her's. Though I know I will be brushing her, and J is already all over the feeding.

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