Monday, February 22, 2010

Boys and cleaning up

We had a slight thaw = which means the snow on top started to melt and cause a mess, but the ground underneath did not thaw at all, so the melting snow/water had no where to go. There is a solid layer of frozen tundra preventing water from draining into the ground. Even though I had this great plan this year to avoid poop soup, it still found it's way into the paddock. I cleaned up what I could, to lessen the mess the best I could. This meant wheeling 3 wheelbarrows full of poop out of the boys' paddock.

I debated taking picture of this ugly mess. The reason to do so would be so that anyone reading this is clear what I mean by "poop soup". But, I figured my farming friends know what I am talking about. My non-farming friends don't want to know. So we will leave it at that. Unless of course there is an out cry and people demand pictures. I'm willing to oblige :)

Instead I got some pictures of the boys. When I arrive at the barn, walking with my wheel barrow (remember I need to wheel this about 1/3 of a mile back and forth from the boy barn, they can see me almost the entire walk), they are instantly curious and pose very well for me.

From left to right: Navigator, Greyt, Lightning, Snowstorm (his back end) and Apollo (further back).

Lightning and Greyt:

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