Sunday, February 21, 2010

Typical Farm Saturday

I often spend my weekend afternoons relaxing inside and working on alpaca fiber. Here I have all my stuff set up next to the chair. I have a bin of washed but raw fiber, my flicker, and a bin for the flicked fiber. I also have the laptop computer set up on the armrest. I often surf the web while I flick fiber. We have dial-up internet (I know, the dark ages here. Our only other choice is satellite service that is more costly per month than I am willing to pay). So I multi-task.

Bin of washed but raw fiber:

notice how the raw fiber is lumped together, and has some vegetable matter in it (ie: hay):

Here is the flicker:


The fluffy flicked fiber:

A bin of flicked fiber:

Once all the fiber is in here, I am ready to spin it into yarn. I vastly prefer spinning to flicking, so seeing this fill up brings joy to my heart.

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