Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Halter Training

It is only a few weeks until we go to our first spring show of 2010. This means all the 2009 weanlings need to be halter trained. This is not a job I particularly enjoy. But, having it done is a reward in that from then on we can halter and lead them wherever we need to go.

On Sunday we did a short herd health check over, then haltered all the young ones. Rosco was the first one that we got on the halter and let her struggle a bit. Here J is holding the lead and Emma is watching:

Rosco did pretty well. She struggle some, but didn't fight as much as we had feared. Then we got Cavalier on the lead. Oh my!!! He not only fought but decided to cush and lay down:

I think with him alone we have our work cut out for us!

J and Emma were quite frustrated after struggling with Cavalier, so I found another helper, Zack:

On Sunday evening he offered to lead Rosco around a bit:

I took the lead and by then she was tired and just gave in and followed me. I love it when they do that!

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