Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Face

We have an addition to our farm, Ashton Stones Little Miss Rosco!

We were keeping her for Ashton Stone Alpacas, so that she could be weaned from her mom. Both J and I were already taken in by her, and when she came to stay for a couple weeks, we knew we wanted to add her to our herd. Rosco is a true black, a solid, shiny, bright black with no fading. She is incredibly soft, with very fine fiber.

Here are more pictures of her:

Thankfully we had a sunny day to get pictures of her. A true black can be very hard to photograph, as the dark black color often makes their features almost impossible to see.


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Wow...I feel like Rosco already looks bigger! Hopefully she is doing well on the halter for you. She has found a great new home! Congrats guys!

cara said...

She's doing great. It worked so well since she was here anyway to start. Gave her a chance to settle in.

She did fine on the halter. It was Cavalier that gave us a really hard time. I'll post about it :)

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