Monday, November 1, 2010

Boys Update

Last week when we did herd health, we decided it was time to trim up the boys top knots. While I love a big, full, long top knot, it's not the easiest to maintain. We have the added issue of quite a few burrs in our hay. While the burrs are a huge pain, the hay is great otherwise. So, we trimmed their top knots a little shorter than we have in the past, in order for easy of maintenance. I was surprised how well I liked the new look of the top knots, they turned out really well (ignore the time date stamp on these pictures, I used Emma's camera and it wasn't set right):

We also decided it was time to wean Copper. At five months old, he's 82 pounds! Typically we look for around 100 pounds at a year old. He'll be 100 pounds in no time. We go by the rule of thumb to wean around 6 months old and 60 pounds. We did wean Copper a little on the young side, but he's so big, and his dam (mother) has always struggled with keeping weight on. Weaning will help his dam put on the weight she needs to birth her next cria. Copper is eating grain and hay well, he doesn't need mother's milk anymore. So, we brought him up to the little boys barn. Here is Copper with Snowstorm and Cavalier:

We had Cavalier and Georgio in that barn together. We weren't sure how this arrangement would work with Copper. Cavalier is just over a year old, and not that big, but Georgio is an older breeding male. When we put Copper in there, we decided this wasn't going to work with Georgio. So, we moved Georgio in with the big boys. We had kept him with Cavalier so that Cavalier had a friend, and because the Georgio is a bit smaller of a male, and our big males were pretty rambunctious. We've had some changes in our big boy barn (such as Navigator going home and Tucker coming back and Lightning leaving), so the dynamics there are much different. There has been a lot less fighting. Georgio is actually about the same size as Greyt and he holds his own in that pen. So far this move seems to have worked well. Here is Georgio and Cavalier greeting each other over the fence now:

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