Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alpaca Observation Deck

One of the many things I appreciate about my husband is that once he has an idea, he does it. I don't know when he first got the idea for this alpaca observation deck, because he only briefly mentioned something about it to me one day, then the next day he was already building it. Within a couple days, it was done!

His idea was to build a deck off our bedroom, where we already had a sliding glass door, so that he and I could sit out there and drink coffee while watching the alpacas. This time of year there is lots to watch! One on hand there are the dams who are due with cria. We love to watch and guess when those cria will be born. And, there are the already born cria who love to run and play. They are a blast to watch!

Here's the deck overlooking the dam and cria pasture. What you can't see is that the alpaca's area goes from straight back in our back yard to all the way around the side of our house. There is a hill on the side of the house that the cria love to run up and down. The people we first bought our alpacas from told us that the young alpacas love hills to play on and it is so true. From this deck, we can see all the way down and around that hill.

Here are our chairs and a little table J made where we can put our cups of coffee:

Shadow loves it too:

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