Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cria Watch

The fun part of cria watch is the day those new cria are born and you get to see this wonderful baby that you waited almost a year for!

The down side to cria watch is the waiting. And days like on Saturday, we were completely sure Sancha was in labor. She had all the classic signs. She was clearly uncomfortable. She wouldn't lay in the barn like she does every other day. She walked around and would pretend to nibble on hay, but we really just annoyed and agitated a lot. She squatted over the poop pile a few times and didn't produce any poop. We could see what we thought were contracts across her belly. I do have to say in the past I've seen contractions across their spine, I've never seen the kind we saw yesterday. She didn't have that cria yesterday, so she wasn't really in labor (false labor?). What we think happened is that the cria moved positions within her belly. She was uncomfortable. She was agitated. That cria was moving. But it wasn't eviction day.

During all this we canceled plans. We don't always do that when we think a female is in labor. Most of the time they deliver on their own and we don't have to be there. But given how agitated Sancha was, we were worried she was having difficulty and might need us there, so we stayed nearby (though often we sat inside the house so as to not agitate her further).

Since no cria was born, we have more days to look forward to where we could watch and wait and get all excited.... for nothing. It drives me crazy! But eventually that cria will have to be born, we will get to see this little one eventually.


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Come on, Sancha!!! Have that baby already!

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I know Valerie, we need this baby born before Saturday :)


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