Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First product!

Certainly not the first products we've made, but the first we've had on hand and available for sale. I have it listed here, on our farm page on Etsy.

This 100% alpaca infant ear flap hat was made from yarn I hand spun at our farm. The fiber came off of alpacas in our herd. The alpacas lived on our farm, after their fiber was shorn, I took the fiber and flicked it so that I could hand spin it on my spinning wheel. After I spun two strands of yarn, I plyed them together. My husband took this 100% alpaca yarn and knit it into this infant ear flap hat.

This one of a kind 100% hand made alpaca hat is a true gem!


Ashley the Handknit Bandit said...

Love Love Love. I think it is extra awesome that this is a cooperative effort between yourself and your husband. Way cool.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Thank you Ashley.

Not that my husband and I didn't do things together before the farm, but we definitely do more things together because of the farm :)


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