Saturday, June 18, 2011

More vacation pictures

I realized this morning that I have more pictures of our trip.

Here is the other picture of me and the kids in front of the dells:

And here is the one I did post (in both pictures Zack was being goofy but I've come to accept that's just the way he is):

This is the Wisconsin River where the Dells are, the unique thing about Dells is the layers of sandstone on the sides:

I wish I could have gotten pictures back in the river of the neat sandstone formations, but the jetboat ride we took was way to wet to take a camera with.

This is a picture of the Tour Boats. We took a jetboat that is only one level, goes faster in the water and everyone gets wet (perfect for active kid). The tour boats would be just right for the older quieter crowd:

I also wanted to add that this vacation was possible because of the generosity of Valerie and Dave who took care of our alpacas while we were gone ~ thanks guys!!

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