Saturday, May 12, 2012


I wrote this up ahead of time and scheduled it to post about the same time I should be finishing my second ever 10K race!

River Bank Run

While this doesn't directly relate to our farm, it does relate to our family's goals of living a healthy active life.  

I do get a lot of exercise keeping up with farm chores, but I like the extra cardio work out of a good run.  Though I'm not a former runner by any means. I didn't run at all until the spring of 2004.   I maxed out at 3 miles at a time, and was quite proud of that accomplishment.   Then last year, in 2011, I signed up and ran my first 10K.  I could have run a 5K pretty comfortably, but I decided to challenge myself.  What I found is that I could run a 10K.  In fact since training for that race last year, I have run pretty consistently every week all year round.  Most Sundays I run a 7 mile route (other days I run shorter distances).  My goal last year was just to finish and not make too much of a fool of myself.  My goal is pretty similar this year :)

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