Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This past weekend we planned to shear all of our pregnant girls. Since we do our own shearing, we like to break it up so it's not as stressful of a day. We shear a few each day until we are done.  The pregnant girls are most uncomfortable from the heat, so they are the first we aim to shear. I ran in a 10K on Saturday so opted not to do any shearing that day. We saved all 8 pregnant dams to shear on Sunday. We started out great, completed shearing Maddie (who is here sunning herself after her shearing):

Then we moved onto Jewel, Latte and Miss Kitty. At this point we were half done for our day, and stopped for a lunch break. So far so good. After lunch we began with Victoria. J was having some trouble with the shears, which we chalked up to the fact Victoria had a lot of sand and dirt in her fiber. He put on a new comb and we moved onto shearing Bay. Unfortunately something snapped in the shears and they weren't working at all. After several attempts to fix it, it was determined that we will need a new shears. We were only half way done shearing Bay. On one side she's full fleece:

On the other half shorn:

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Kathryn Ray said...

Oh gosh... this happened to me last year... on a new client's alpaca. Fortunately they called me back this year. :-)

I now have a back-up pair of shears.

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