Saturday, May 12, 2012


Completed my second 10K this morning (my first 10K was this same race last year):

Had a bit of difficulty with the pictures, Zack took them on zoom (which I didn't realized until I uploaded them) so they are grainy and not sure why the background is so dark. I tried to lighten this one, so brighter but grainy :(

I passed the finish line at 1:04:49 but I know I was a ways back at the start so I'm sure my official time from my tracker will show a little less time :) I know it's less than last year because last year my clock time was 1:06 and the official tracker time was 1:04. 

I was thinking while I was running that my life has changed over the years:
+ as a teen I was too thin and had no muscle tone = not active
+ in my 20's I was over weight and out of shape = not active
+ in my 30's I am running 10Ks and running an alpaca farm = active :)

It took me awhile to get here but I've found a way to live a happy healthy active life.

one last picture, still not great photography

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Linda said...

Good job!
My crazy nephew ran the 25K and then ran 8 miles to his home. He's just not normal though. :-)

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