Sunday, May 27, 2012

cria watch

Both Sancha and Latte will hit pregnancy day 350 on June 3.  This means they could deliver at any time.  While we've found dams on our farm tend to deliver close to day 350, alpacas can be full term as early as day 335.  Many farms use day 335 or 345 as the due date.  We've found day 350 to be the most accurate for us, but that doesn't mean one of those cria couldn't come before.

So, every evening we sit outside watching them from our deck:

And each morning I keep an eye on them watching for any signs of impending labor.  Both Sancha and Latte have had times they looked like their body was preparing for labor.  We've seen lots of loosening and elongating of the birth canal. But just like with a human birth, the mom can be dilated for days and still not deliver, or not show any signs and deliver the next day.  Nature has it's way.

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