Friday, November 23, 2012

Busy with fiber

To those who were worried that I haven't posted a new blog post in some time, I apologize.  I don't really have a great explanation other than that life is busy sometimes.  I do find that as my kids get older and some of their homework in on-line, I have less computer time.

I have been busy with fiber.  I spun this yarn:

I've been busy knitting up that headband / neck muff:

It's done now but I am saving the final picture for after the holidays.  It has already been purchased as a Christmas present so I want to keep that mystery alive :)

I knew this headband was cool, but I was surprised how popular it is.  I already have orders for several more!   I do hope to have some up on our farm's etsy page soon, but orders do come first.  I you want to order one, email us or message me on facebook or etsy.  I love orders.

I do have to say that our pattern for our alpaca hats has really come along. I am so so excited about my most recent knit hat, Twilight Ear Flap Hat (as of the writing of this, it's still available at our farm store):

On this black Friday heading into the Christmas season, I encourage everyone to shop small businesses.  There are some really neat and crafty things on ETSY, a great place to support your small business owners.

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WonderWhyGal said...

Beautiful yarn and great projects. Glad to hear you are getting orders. Those headbands are great!

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