Monday, November 26, 2012


Hay is a big thing on our farm.  A couple weekends ago we all worked hard to haul 200 bales of hay from the hay farm to our alpaca farm.  Our truck and trailer only carried 50 bales at a time so this meant 4 trips back and forth.  My kids are the best to help out with minimal complaints (I have to admit I had a complaint or two myself).  It's a long afternoon and busy one that wears you out!  But our hay tent is full again.

Alpacas can be picky eaters and if they have a chance will dig to the bottom of the hay bin and dump hay on the ground.  Often times this hay is stomped on and wasted.  To minimize waste, we use grates on top of the hay bins.  We had several of these metal ones:

And J made this wooden one:

This has helped a lot!!

You can see my handy hay wagon in these photos.  A full bale of hay fits in there, so I can easily haul hay to each of our alpaca's hay bins.  I'm all for making things as easy as possible.

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Kathryn Ray said...

hay is always in the back of my mind. We need to buy more... soon.

I've started checking prices again. I don't think they've really gone down since August, but at least it doesn't look like they've gone up. whew.

We use a similar sort of hay trap.

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