Saturday, November 24, 2012


On this weekend following Thanksgiving being thankful is on the mind.

At my farm I am thankful for so many things.

I am thankful for Spot, who keeps a close eye on our herd of alpacas:

Spot is getting old and arthritis is hard on him as the weather gets cold.  We know larger dogs don't tend to live very long.  We aren't sure exactly how old he is, but he is near the end of what one can expect from a large breed dog.  Everyday he jumps up to greet me I am thankful for another day with him.

I am thankful for my family, who always chips in to help on the farm.  Emma handles all the day to day chores up at the big boys barn.  While right now there are only 2 alpacas up there, she had managed up to 8 up there without issue.   I can count on her to get the job done.

This year Zack started helping me with feeding our dams and yearlings (there are about 25 alpacas back by our house that he helps me feed).

I couldn't find a picture of my kids helping out on the farm, but here is a recent picture from the kids' marathon that they participated in:

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