Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grosser than gross?

You know how kids try to top one another and they do the "grosser than gross" contest to see what is the grossest?

Well, my Friday was grosser than gross. 

We had thawing temps which meant the snow and ice was melting.  However, the ground is still frozen, so the melting snow and ice couldn't go anywhere.  It meant the alpaca's pasture is still snow covered, the paddock area has frozen ground, snow, ice, and water with slush.   I do clean up their poop each day, except when it snows a lot that day or it is really frozen out, but some of that poop is hiding under the snow and ice.  As the snow and ice melts, that formerly frozen poop is uncovered.  We call this = poop soup.  It's gross.

As we get a thaw I clean and clean some more.  It's very important to have their areas clean.  This is the best way to prevent parasites, but also just for their own comfort (and more so my own comfort). I like a clean paddock.

Zack and I set out for farm chores and all was going fine (despite the poop soup, we were managing).  We have an alpaca show coming up next weekend, so we wanted to work a little more with the juvis on the halter.  I was cleaning paddocks while Zack went to haltering.  He had a bit of a difficult time with Patty, so I stepped in.  Patty swung me around, and there was ice and smack - I was flat on my back in poop soup!!!!  Now that is grosser than gross!

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