Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who's Who?

We have 8 alpacas at the show with us this weekend.

We have Gabe & Gabe:

Seems confusing but both these boys are named Gabriel.  We didn't name either of them, they each came to us with that name.  The black boy is Gabriel Star of Robasia and he is a 2 year old black male.  The beige boy behind him is TSC Gabriel.  He is a beige male who will be 4 years old this summer.  We don't usually take older males to a show (they can get rowdy with all the cute girls around), but we thought both these boys deserve a chance to show what they can do at their age in the show ring.

Our two hucaya girls are Princess (AKA Duchess):

and Lady Bing:

That wraps it up for the huacaya alpacas we have with us.  But we have 4 suris too.

This is Max (black) and Patty (beige):

Patty has been at our farm for a few months and Max a few weeks. 

We add two more Suri alpacas to our herd and we just met them at the show this weekend. 


and Take 5:

Both these suri girls are yearlings who have never been shorn.

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