Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Our temps have been lower than normal and we still have snow covering the ground in some spots.  Usually by this time of year that is clearing away and spring clean up is done.  This year spring clean up has only just begun.

For our farm I do my best to clean up the shelters and paddocks everyday.  This helps the animals have a cleaner area to be in and reduces problems with parasites.  However, if we have a snowstorm or if things are frozen to the ground, I don't clean that up.  There was a time I hacked away regardless of the weather but I found I did more damage by doing that.  Then when it did thaw the parts I hacked out where lower and filled with water and as you can imagine it created a muddy bad mess.

So what I do now it clean up what I can everyday, and on those days there is a bit of a thaw, I can clean up all that has unthawed.

I did run into a problem this year in that the paddocks cleaned of snow, but my trail to the compost pile was under snow:

As miserable as it is to pull a sled on dirt, it is just as miserable to get the wheel barrow stuck in snow.  One day I had to abandon this chore, stuck in the snow with no where to go.

My tools:

Ready for the trek to the compost pile:

Compost pile (I know it looks small but that is because about 80% of it is under snow, there's tons of various levels of compost here, much of it rich black dirt):

On a typical day I can fit everything in one trip to the compost pile. On a thawing spring day I have done anywhere from 3 to 8 trips to the compost pile!  Now that is a work out!!

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