Friday, May 24, 2013

Fiber and wool and hair

I've mentioned before that our sheep are hair sheep, not wool sheep. I've had people ask about what that feels like, so I made up these samples. While feeling them means more, pictures capture some of it too.

Here is an example of:  sheep hair ~ suri alpaca fiber ~ huacaya alpaca fiber

This is the sheep hair a little more close up (notice that the individual hairs are rather thick and wirey, it would not be comfortable made into anything that touched your skin):

This is suri alpaca fiber, it comes in these sort of dread locks:

That might not be the best example of suri, but it's what I had on hand quick when I thought of doing this blog post.

This is huacaya alpaca fiber, and this sample I did play around a bit with so it is not organized like it would be right off the animals, but I think you can see how the fibers are smaller and not wirery. 

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