Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who is who? The Boys

The boys were less than cooperative with pictures so I did not get individual pictures of them.  I fought them for awhile and it just wasn't happening.  Boy?!!?

Here are all four, but of course my favorite is the black one, Gabe (Gabriel Star of RobAsia)

It is true that they are have great fiber and all bring something to the table for the ladies :) I just happen to like the black and my dream from the time we started was a black boy.  I admit it, I favor Gabe.

Here are the other three:  Bubba (the other Gabriel but in beige), Vamil (white) and Greyt (rose grey)

We actually also own three other boys who are not on our farm.   Smokey is a modern dark silver grey, who has very soft fiber.   He is an older experienced male (the sire of our own Twilight who is one of my favorites).   Then we have two juvi boys, Max a true black suri male and Stoney, a silver grey huacaya male.

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