Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who is who? Our Juvis

I thought since we've had quite a few changes on our farm this year that I would do a who is who post.  I'll split this into groups, the first being our 2012 juvis (those who will turn 1 year old this year).

~   RUBY ~ 

Isn't she so cute!!!  We have since taken this jacket off her.  We had it on for the winter because she's a little bit small for her age.  We hoped keeping her extra warm would help her grow.

~ PATTY ~ 

Patty is our first suri juvi.  I found it really hard to get a good picture of her.  I know this lighting isn't the best.



After the lighting for Patty was too bright on her face, here the light is too bright behind Raspberry.  She is a very dark brown almost black (bay black) and those alpacas can be the most difficult to photograph well.   Her face always gets lost in pictures.

But at least these pictures give you an idea of who is who among our juvis.

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