Friday, May 17, 2013

Who is Who? The Sheep

We also have sheep at our farm: one ram and 5 ewes with 2 baby lambs.

Our sheep don't actually have names, just numbers, but we find we end up calling them names.  Like the mom of the twin lambs we call "Ma".

Here are the twins:

Here are the ewes with the ram diving into some hay:

There you can see how their winter coat is falling off.  They are hair sheep (not wool sheep) so we do not shear them, their wool naturally comes off.   I have noticed the ram's hair came off first.

Here is the ram (the one in the back who's face is fully showing and his summer hair coat is showing):

There is also panda, one of our ewes who has neat markings:


Spinning Ginny's Knitting and Spinning Blog said...

This is the first time I've heard of sheep that don't need to be sheared. I was wondering can their wool be spun? They sure are nice looking and very healthy.

oak haven alpacas said...

Their wool can be spun, but, it's wirey and you'd have to pick it off the ground and off of the fences so it would be dirty and not all together like a shorn fleece would be.

I will put pictures up in a future blog post showing the sheep hair compared to alpaca fiber.


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