Monday, September 23, 2013

From wheel to skein

The yarn on the bobbin of the wheel:

It's not the end, there is more to do. 

Most people put it in a niddy noddy.  I hate them so I don't.  I wind it into a skein on my swift instead (my picture did not turn out so I found this old picture as an example of wheel to swift skeining):  

I put ties on it to keep it as a skein:

Wash the skein:

I soak it for about 20 minutes in soapy water:

Then I soak 2x in clear water to rinse. 

Then roll in a towel it dry:

And lastly hang dry (this part takes a couple of days):

Well, not actually last, I still need to make it into a ball to knit from but it will take days to dry. 
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