Monday, September 2, 2013


So I was out of yarn for the baby sweater, and I couldn't spin more (it hurt too much to even try to spin). I then finished up two headback / neckwarmers that I had been working on since last winter. That took me only a short time (had to sew on buttons was about it).  I then decided it was time to dive into this shawl I've been planning. I had the yarn spun, but no pattern. It took some time to find just the right pattern. I am very picky what pattern I use for my hand spun. I have found that too intricate of a pattern does not work (the details of the design don't come through since the unique texture of the yarn overtakes it). I also know larger needles = softer product.

Once I found the pattern, I had to learn, and I mean really learn, the difference between SSK and K2TOG. I've done them both but I did them the same :( that's not right. For a shawl it is essential that they are different, one slants to the left, the other slants to the right and that is what causes the V of the shawl. J and I had several discussions about this and I watched some utube videos and figured it out!! New skill learned.

If you are trying to figure out the difference, I suggested watching some videos.  What was the turning point for me was seeing that when they say/write that for SSK you slip 2 as if to knit, for me that wasn't really true.   You slip from in front of project (I knit behind the project), and when you slip them off then put them back on the left needle, they are slanted the opposite way.  This might not make sense as I am explaining it, but that was the pivotal point for me.  

We were on the road most of Saturday and Sunday so I had time to knit.



I have a long ways to go yet for this shawl.

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