Sunday, September 8, 2013

Introducing ~ the shawl

It was all worth it!!!

Surprisingly it is hard to take a good picture of a shawl.

I wanted a place where I could lay it flat, but the ground was too dirty so I laid it on my car:

I based the pattern off of the Candlelight Shawl but I changed it a little due to using 100% suri alpaca hand spun yarn.  Alpaca tends to stretch longer, so I made the shawl a little shorter than the pattern calls for (otherwise it would "grow" longer and soon be too long - I found this to worked well when I made my own 100% alpaca sweater).  Suri alpaca tends to hold less memory than even huacaya so I made sure the pattern allowed for drape, which suri alpaca fiber is known for.  I left off the tassels because I was concerned they might felt or pick up debri and not look so nice.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice . Hope you are feeling better!

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