Friday, February 14, 2014


As we look forward to spring the changes on our farm are hitting me more.

Since we no longer have any alpacas, there are no alpaca shows to plan for.  

Usually at this point in the year, we are looking over the alpaca show scheduled deciding which shows to attend and planning our travel schedule. 

We LOVED attending alpaca shows.  It was fun to show off our alpacas, but it was also fun to meet up with fellow alpaca farmers.  Many of our friends are alpaca farmers and attending shows is when we got to see them.   I also loved the chance to see other cities (some shows we attended every year and we came to have a favorite hotel and favorite restaurant).

After show season was birthing season.  Oh alpaca babies, cria, are so cute!

Not only are the cria cute, but, that was when we would see the success of our breeding decisions. That was the next generation of better fiber.

While shearing day was never a favorite of mine (it's a lot of work!) I do love having those bags of alpaca fiber to spin yarn from. 

As the cria grow there is the cria gang, the group that runs and plays together.  They are blessed to watch.

Good times.  These were all good times.
Right now we have a farm in transition.  

We only have 7 sheep right now, but there are big things coming. 

There are a lot of decisions and changes that need to take place to get where we want to go.

I look forward to the days of many lambs.  I look forward to the days of green grassy pastures and sunshine. 

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