Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Farm House

Since posting our new farm land, I've been getting a lot of questions about the house.  There is a farm house. However, it is most definitely unliveable.   Yes, really.

Several years ago the owner of the house had to move a couple states away due to their employment.  They rented out the house.  In 2010, there was a 100 year flood that reached the first floor of the house.  Without any flood insurance, he was only able to remove what was ruined in the flood, he was not able to fix the house up.  Since that time the land has been rented out, with the idea that the renter could fix up the house.  It does not appear that anyone has done anything to fix up the house.

We first visited the house in August of 2013.  Now, J has experience with renovations.  I have seen many a run down house when working along side Children's Protective Services.  But I had to say, seeing this home brought me to tears.  The worst was that I saw children's toys laying inside the house, and we believe people were actually living in here (with no water or electricity).

Here is what we saw:

August 2013

Driving up from the South:

Front of the house ~ it's cute!  From this view anyway :)

A shed - this is in great shape.  Looks fairly new.

Before going inside we had to brace ourselves.  We knew there had been some people squatting in this home.  We thought we were prepared.

All the windows were boarded from the inside, so you could not look inside.  It made it dark inside.

We walked through the front door.

Looking in the front door  towards the living room on the left (dinning room the the right):

Just inside the front door off to the left is the stairs in the back of what appears to be a living room:

The dinning room into the kitchen - those are mattresses on top of a table in the dinning room.  In the kitchen there was trash (some actual household trash, some torn down dry wall) that was waist tall on me.

Off to the left of the kitchen, behind the stairs is what appears to be the master bedroom:

The kitchen (the window is boarded up), it looked like at one point there was a sink under the window.  There were a couple of cupboards.

A back room, we weren't sure if it might be a mud room or a bedroom,  The odd thing is the trusses on the right top corner of the picture, they pointed down into the room.  We have no idea how there ever was a ceiling in this room with those trusses like that.

The one room upstairs (along with animal feces *sigh*).  Clearly someone was living here.

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