Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Farm House Clean-Up

We debated if this farm house was a good option for us.  It clearly needs a lot of work!

I was of the opinion that it was beyond me.  J was of the opinion he can do it.

He found a job at the local hospital, and moved down there to start making this house liveable.

First he had to clean it up!

Here is his initial progress:

November 2013 - after the clean-up

The living room:

The dinning room (looking at putting in a mud room on the far right where that new electrical box is):

Master Bedroom:

Some old doors that were left behind (would be great to refurbish them):

What is left of the bathroom:

The back room (Emma's bedroom?):

Kitchen to dinning room (from the back of the house):

The bathroom again:

A small room which may have been a laundry room.  We are thinking it would be good as a second bathroom:

The stairs:

Lots of clean up still needed upstairs:

More of the doors  - we hope to refinish these and use them:

Medicine cabinet:

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