Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Old man winter

I'm tired.

Tired of winter. 

This past weekend I was working on some new farm things (more on that soon!), when I traveled back to Michigan. 

The road looked like this:

I am not sure where the lanes are. 

When I arrived home I couldn't get up my driveway.  After some debate, my father in law drove a path (with his 4 wheel drive truck) and then I gunned it.  My dart plowed snow the whole way up the drive.  I made it the 1/4 mile to my house, though not into the garage (the incline on the approach prevented that).  I even shoveled the approach but that wasn't enough. After 2 hours of trying, I had to leave my beloved car outside all night. 

I will say this, I won't miss Michigan winters!!!!  At this point it looks like this is the last one I will endure. 

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