Friday, May 16, 2008

Everyone is home

Now that Lightning is on his feet and doing so well, we decided we can safely move Sommerfield and Maddie back into that pasture. We did that this morning. All seemed to go well, I was surprised there wasn't more spitting. But the matriarchy was very watchful of Sommerfield (in this picture Sommerfield is on the far left side of the picture, and Lightening is over by the mom's but actually closest to Victoria, Sancha is following him and Kateri has her eyes glued to Sommerfield):

I found Kateri and Sancha with their eyes glued on Sommerfield. Whenever Lightening would wander off, Sancha would follow him everywhere, but Kateri would keep her watch on Sommerfield, and Sancha would glance back to her. Seems they were concerned what Sommerfield might do. I do not see her as harmful at this point. She has had time away from her mom (Sancha) and Lightening is quick on his feet now. Though Kateri and Sancha keeping a close eye on things is a good idea too. We have noticed that Kateri is like a 2nd mom to Lightening. I don't know if that is a herd thing or if that is Kateri's personality.

Here is Maxito on our farm:

Our three white boys (Snowstorm is the biggest one, Lightening the cria, and Max the medium size one - for now) Lightening is in a different pen from the other two boys, it's hard to see there is a fence separating them. Snowstorm and Max are in one pasture/barn and the girls with Lightening are in the other pasture/barn:

These are our white/biege ones, which I am sure will get confused from a distance (from Left to Right it is Snowstorm, then Lightening and Sancha back in the doorway of the barn, then Maxito in the front facing the camera, then on the farthest right side is Sommerfield. Max is about 11 months old, so older than Maddie but younger than Sommerfield (by about 2 months):

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