Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More information on Uno

I misunderstood J, I thought he found the kitten in the rafters, but he said Fluffy had moved the kitten. He worried that maybe Fluffy moved the kitten to late and it was already too cold. Or that Fluffy dropped the kitten when moving it (given the jumps she needs to make to move the kitten from that rafters/eves, it is possible. I was nervous when I saw her take it up there). Fluffy is such a young mom, any of those could have happened, even with her doing the best she can.

But this morning I realized we have not seen Thunder since Sunday. When we didn't seen him yesterday evening I noted it but figured I'd see him in the morning. When he wasn't in the barn again this morning I decided it was time to look for him. No one had seen him at all on Monday. I worried he was hit on the road, and planned to walk the road to see. When I was bringing a load of alpaca poop out to the pile in the woods I found Thunder, dead. Thunder did not die from the frost on Sunday night, he was fine all winter in the barn. This makes me wonder if there was a disease or parasite that got both Thunder and the kitten, but why not Fluffy? Or possibly another animal attacked. I don't know cats well enough, would a male cat chase off an animal to protect a female cat? Since both the kitten and Thunder died on the same night I can't help but think they are related. And a parasite/disease I would think would take the kitten faster than Thunder, and would affect Fluffy. We may never solve this mystery.

I feel so very bad for Fluffy. She lost her sister last fall, Tiger. Now her baby, Uno, and her husband/male friend, Thunder. She is back to her friendly self, but now she a lone cat.

The kids had a hard time last night with the news about the kitten. Hearing of Thunder today will be really rough. The cycle of life can be so cruel.

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