Friday, May 16, 2008

what is it?

When at the barn Wednesday morning I heard this very unusual crying sound. It took me a bit to see this thing near Fluffy. My first thought was that it was a kitten, but it was all clean (so it was born at least a little while ago, Fluffy had time to clean up) and there was only 1 (given the time frame it was unlikely there were more coming). What also puzzled me is that it was crying and crying, and while Fluffy was nearby, Fluffy was not going over to comfort it. I looked at it and it sort of look like a rat or a mole. This made me wonder if it was a kitten, or Fluffy was mid-kill on some rodent.

This picture was taken on Friday but it looks about the same as what I found Wednesday:

After calling J to tell him about this thing, and the fact I had to run to work ASAP, I picked it up and put it right by Fluffy. It stopped crying. I figured Fluffy was either warming it and it was finding milk, or Fluffy was smothering it. J arrived and confirmed it is a kitten.

I have since heard that a litter of one is not that unsual when the mom is a young and it is her first litter. One is good for me. Less work for Fluffy, less kittens to find a home for.

It is hard to get a good picture of this kitten. Not only it being blurry, but also the size comparision. It is really small (but they all are when they are born). I know it takes some time before they open their eyes, not sure when to start looking for that.

This is Fluffy carrying the kitten in her mouth:

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