Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Labor Signs

Sunday evening started a new sign of labor, Sancha did not eat her evening grain. Not eating can be a sign of impending birth.

Monday morning came and again she did not eat (only took a couple of bites but then walked away).

We kept close eye on her all day Monday, J checked on her periodically throughout the day. But no further signs.

Monday evening comes - she eats all her grain. Ugh! Another false alarm.

Tuesday arrives, she doesn't eat her morning grain. I was away all day on a field trip with my son, but J was home and spent most of the day in the barn. He said Sancha was starting to pace, then go over to the poop pile but not poop, then sit down again. That is definately a sign of impending birth! However, 3 p.m. came and no additional signs. I'm checking on her hourly now, but thinking today isn't likely. At my last check she was just sitting there.

Typically Alpaca have their cria before 2 p.m. The reason being is that in the wild they climb down the moutains in the morning and have to climb back up in the evening. A baby needs to be strong enough to climb back up, so it has to be born before at least 2 p.m. Generally alpaca today follow this pattern, however, there are times a cria is born later in the day, so that option is possible (just less common).

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