Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lightening - 10 days old

Lightening is now 10 days old. He's alert and fun, teasing the other alpacas and trying to get them to play with him. I think he will like it when Victoria and Kateri deliver their cria, he'll have someone to play with. Now he spends his time jumping over his mom's grain dish while she tries to eat, and taunting the other girls trying to get them to chase him.


Curiosity - he wanted to come and see my camera:

Pretending to eat hay. He is really too young to eat hay but he mimics the other alpacas. His sister, Sommerfield is next to him and behind her is Sancha, their mom. Sancha is mid-spit as she is annoyed at Sommerfield for something, which is a pretty typical scene between these three. Sancha easily gets annoyed at Sommerfield, but tolerates a lot from Lightening.

My niece luring Lightening to come up to her:

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