Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farm girls

This past weekend we needed hay. Being alpaca farmers, getting hay is a regular farm chore. Typically J takes care of getting hay. I've often said that I take care of scooping poop, and he gets hay. I have a hard time lugging hay bales, they are heavy for me. But, with J still recovering from surgery, there was no choice, I had to help with hay. He drove the truck and trailer, and while he helped stack it, Emma and I lugged the bales to the trailer. Back at home, J was too sore to do anymore, so Emma and I stacked all 30 bales. I have to say farm girls are a different breed. Emma, at only 11 years old, was able to pick up and stack bales of hay! She could carry as much as I could. She was so proud of her strength. I know at 11 I would not have been able to do that.

Emma also takes care of feeding the male alpacas. That's her daily chore. She does a great job making sure they have hay and water.

Growing up on a farm teaches you things you wouldn't know otherwise. Emma has gained strength, responsibility and a lot of knowledge about alpacas.

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