Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He's really here

Last week I was very excited that Tucker finally came home. But I kept forgetting to take my camera down to the boy's barn (the boys are housed just down the road from us). I'd go down there to feed them, only to realize I forgot my camera.

This past weekend I got these pictures of him:

He looks pretty much how I remember him. If anything, his gray color looks lighter to me, but otherwise, he looks much the same. He greets me by the gate each time I come down there, just like he used to. We are so glad to have him back home!

While I was there, I took a quick snap shot of Fluffy, our barn cat. Fluffy came to our farm over 3 years ago, before the alpacas made their way here. She has been our constant companion. Unfortunately, every cat friend we've gotten for Fluffy has not lived very long. The truth is that the life span of a barn cat is not long. Fluffy, for some reason, always beats the odds. I don't know if she's a fighter or has super powers or what. We've joked that it might be that Fluffy wants to be the only cat and has lead the other cats to their demise. Or that Fluffy is like a cockroach and nothing will kill her. At the end of the world there will be cockroaches and Fluffy. Whatever it is that keeps her with us, we are thankful for. She's a great barn cat, killing all small rodents. She loves to be petted, but doesn't care much for her pictures to be taken. Here's the only snap shot I could get of her:

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