Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our family is a dog family. J has always loved dogs and actually he'd take home 20 dogs if I'd let him. I had to limit him to only 2 house dogs and 1 farm dog (Spot is a farm dog only, he has never been in the house). Our kids have grown up with dogs, so that is what they are used to. Both Emma and Zack really like dogs. I grew up not really liking dogs. It wasn't until I graduated from college and was faced with living on my own, that I wanted a dog. I did not want to be completely alone. A dog is a companion, a protector. With J working 3rd shift, there have been many times over the years that I'm grateful to have our dogs.

On Monday J picked up our newest family dog, Shadow.

Zack and Shadow:

Emma and Shadow:

He is a two year old Miniature Schnauzer. J has wanted a miniature schnauzer since I can remember. When we got Quinn, that's really what J wanted, but I vetoed it. Every schnauzer I had met seemed snippy. I've since learned that while they are protective of their family and can be stand-offish of others, they are very loyal to their family. I also decided that a low shedding dog was the main priority. After having 2 long haired white dogs, something had to change.

We heard that this dog was available and decided that while it was quite soon after losing Dottie, we were ready. Shadow happened to need a home, and when we went to meet him, he was so sweet I knew he was coming to our house. He's very friendly, and not at all snippy.

His official registered name is Zippy Von Zorro. He was called Zippy by his previous owners, but we decided to nick name him Shadow. The kids and I tested him and he didn't respond to either name, so changing it doesn't seem to phase him. Now to work on getting him to recognize "Shadow".

Quinn has had some adjusting to do. But he loves that Shadow will play with him. They played a lot of chase today:

The alpacas were keeping a close watch on the situation. When we took Shadow for a walk past the boy's pasture, they gave him the glare:

Believe it or not, but I made it into one of the blog pictures today, that never happens. Though it seems Shadow was favoring Emma over me:

Shadow is having some adjusting to do. He was living in a kennel in someone's yard. He's not used to being in the house, not used to having a family. He didn't seem to know what to do in the house, he'd lay on the rug right in front of the door. We did get him a double crate so he can Quinn can be companions:

The crate is only for overnight and when we are not home. Quinn tends to get anxious during those times and would mess with things. The crate keeps him safe and secure. Shadow used to live in a kennel, being in the crate only a short part of the time is a relief to him.

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Welcome to your newest family member!

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