Thursday, January 20, 2011

More snow pictures

We had a snowstorm come through our area the beginning of this week. Our young girls(yearlings and maidens) spend most of their time in their shelter. They come out to eat grain and to poop, but otherwise pretty much spend their time under the shelter. It does amaze me how they end up with snow on their backs anyway.

The older girls, our dams, eat grain outside:

Even though they have hay in their shelter like the young girls, these older girls prefer to eat the hay in buckets outside. I hardly put any hay inside their shelter because they don't go there to eat it. In this picture you can tell the ones who spend more time outside have more snow on their backs.

Here you can really see the snow on his back:

Despite having that snow on their backs, they do not appear cold or bothered by it at all. That alpaca fiber is very warm and insulating.

I don't know what Spot in doing reaching into the snow:

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