Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slipper Socks

My most recent project is a pair of slipper socks. I spun the yarn, and knit these myself.

I knit the two slipper socks (a pair) at the same time. This way I didn't have to worry if they are the same size or not, they have the exact same number of stitches and rows. Here they are in process (I finished one row on one of the slippers and was about to start that row on the 2nd slipper that is why they are two needles):

I started out with two balls of yarn, one for each slipper so I could knit them at the same time. I knew when I made the skeins that one was a bit longer than the other. As could be predicted, one ball ran out. What I did was use the other end of the ball still left, and knit them both from the same ball:

Still there were two slippers on there:

I like this slipper pattern, but it's a bit different than the typical. You knit this one across (not starting at the top or toe, but at the heel going to the toe). When it's done, you end at the toe, where you pull the yarn through the end to make the pointed toe.

Needle with yarn going through the end stitches:

The yarn goes through these stitches:

It gets pulled tight, creating the toe area:

Then the slipper is made by sewing up the front of it (toe to ankle):

And a seam is sewn along the heel:

A pair is created:

Here I am wearing them:

The top can also be folded over:

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