Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter ~ poop

I've taken different approaches to winter poop scooping over the years. The problem with winter poop is that it freezes to the ground. In an effort to get it all cleaned up, there have been times I was hacking at the piles to break it free. This took a lot of time and energy, with the end result of big ditches in the ground that filled with water the second there was a thaw. This made the most horrible poop soup. I decided there had to be a better way.

Last year I started to just rake up the loose poop on top, and leave anything frozen. The poop pile ends up being the same height as the snow. No more ditches and the horrible poop soup. The down side is that when there is a thaw, and the snow melts, so does the poop piles. Then I have a ton to scoop up. I was worried I would dread the days there as a thaw. But as it turns out, when the weather is nicer I like to be outside and usually don't mind being out there longer to complete this chore.

The part I don't like is hauling the poop in the wheel barrow through the snow all the way to the compost pile in the woods:


Linda said...

I think you need a poop sled.

Kathryn Ray said...

We do about the same thing. We scoop up what we can and leave the frozen stuff. Fortunately we get many thaws during the winter so it's usually not frozen to the ground for too long.

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