Wednesday, April 27, 2011

8 alpacas and a vet

Tuesday was made a trip to take 8 alpacas to the vet, to get three separate Certified Vet Inspection (CVI's). We need one for each of the two shows we are headed to in the next two weeks: the Great Midwest Alpaca Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, and the Michigan Alpaca Breeders Show in Davisburg, Michigan. We also need one so that we can transport a couple alpacas that are involved in a trade.

I think we are getting better at taking so many animals to the vet, but it still worries me that one will escape at some point during the transition. We also wonder if all the animals will pass the vet's inspection. If not, we have to change around plans.

This trip went well, other than the fact it was raining like crazy when we packed up the animals. All of them passed the inspection and are ready for their shows.

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