Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fiber Fiesta

Last fall I entered two of my home spun yarn skeins and we entered fiber samples from two of our boys in the Fiber Fiesta. I know I posted the results awhile back, but I wanted to brag again, now that we got the ribbons in the mail.

I wish I could take a picture of the yarn skeins and the fiber, but my camera is not working.

My skein of yarn from fiber off our male, SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations, won first place in his class, and Judges Choice!!! The number score was 91 out of 100. The judge stated:
"good yarn weight" (for cohesiveness)
"very consistent" (for consistent app. of tech)
"Well Done!"

For the skein I made of Cafe's fiber, she received a 2nd place. The number score was 88 out of 100. The judge states that it is "well done"

The only critique is that the twist is a little tight, making the yarn not as soft as it would be otherwise.

Then for the fiber contest, we entered a sample from our male, SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations, and a sample from Sancha's White Lightning. Greyt received a 2nd place, and Lightning recieved both 1st and Highest in Color Group and Best Crimp. Lightning's number score was 77 out of 80.

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