Friday, April 15, 2011


Despite my best of intentions, I neglected getting any blog posts up throughout this week. Both J and I have regular jobs outside of our alpaca farm. J works odd hours, nights and weekends, so he never knows what his schedule will be. I work a typical day job Monday through Friday, though my job offers a lot of flexibility. I can flex my time and work from home. Typically I take off work on the Thursday before an alpaca show weekend so that I can pack and get the house and farm ready for my absence. Then Friday we leave first thing in the morning for the show. We are busy at the show all weekend. I usually also take off work on Monday to recover from the busy weekend and try to get the house and farm back on track. This past weekend I was not able to take off on Thursday or Monday. Much of my day job is flexible, but some things are not. On Thursday I had a court hearing I had to attend. Then on Monday I had two home visits that were scheduled across the state that I had struggled to schedule as it was. I hoped to take another day off throughout the week to give myself some much needed rest, but that didn't happen either. This means I've been running on empty all week.

Most weekends I'm rather indifferent to the fact it's the weekend. I think that comes from years of J working all weekend, and my taking on the role of single parent. In many ways the weekdays are easier. The routine and schedule of the week makes it easier. But this weekend I am happy to sit back and relax. Thankfully my kids are old enough they don't require constant care so I can get a much needed break.

I thought I had a rough week until I came home today and found J had had an accident. While fixing a fence, he accidentally knocked himself in the head. He hit himself so hard he almost knocked himself unconscious. He has a huge bump on his forehead. He works all this weekend and I can just imagine what his co-workers will be saying about his injury.

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