Friday, April 22, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I haven't written much for blog posts this week because my camera is still not working, and I believe it's the pictures that make this blog what it is. Unfortunately, I'm at a point of either not posting at all, or going without pictures.

I also have been extremely busy lately, and it seems posting on the farm blog is one thing that did get pushed to the side. We are right in the middle of spring show season, two shows down, two to go. I'm training to run a 10K on May 15th (my first 10K ever). It's only three weeks away! I think I'm ready, now it's a matter of keeping up my stamina until race day (with being gone to two shows in the next two weeks).

I do plan to get a few posts up on the blog this coming week. Then next weekend we will be in Madison, Wisconsin, for an alpaca show. I will be sure to post show updates throughout the weekend. I have a bit of a surprise that I've kept under wraps in regards to that show.

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