Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Alpaca Show

I am very excited that the Michigan fall alpaca show, Michigan International Alpacafest (MIAF), will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan ~ less than an hour from my house! We have never had an alpaca show on this side of the state.

We had decided to take our 3 yearling boys: OHVNA The Challenger, OHVNA Chaska, and Gabriel Star of RobAsia. Now we are debating also taking our newest male, JLFA Pot of Gold's Northwestern (AKA "Sig"), and our older boy, ATA Peruvian Harley. Sig has never been to a show, so we only can go on our own evaluation of him. We'd like to hear what a judge has to say. And for Harley, we'd like to see how he is holding up now that he's had another year of growth. We specifically chose Harley to add fiber bundling to our breeding program. While we took him to a few spring shows, he's now a bit older and has been shorn, and we'd like to hear how he places now.

Our three yearling boys (Chaska is the beige one, Challenger the grey one, and Gabe is the true black one):

Sig who we've added to our yearling group:

And Harley, I need to get a recent picture of him. After shearing, he has come back looking very macho. This is a big reason we want to get him to a show this fall, to see how his macho look holds up in the ring.


Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

nice looking boys. Best of luck in the show ring!
Is it halter and fleece? At this time of year, does the fleece get judged in the bag separate from the alpaca?

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

They will be in the halter show. As long as they have 2 inches of fiber, they can show in full fleece halter. If they have less than 2 inches then they can only show in shorn (which only evaluates confirmation, not fiber, so we avoid showing in that category, to me it's all about the fleece :) ). Our guys should have 2 inches of fleece, no problem showing in full fleece halter.


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